Dissemination of topics of psychosocial interest

Beyond my activity in the field of Market Research, I give conferences about psychosocial issues in the context of the adult-oriented activities that the network of libraries of La Diputació de Barcelona offers – such as “Fem cafè a la biblioteca” or “L’ aventura de conèixer-T’interessa”. The experience consists of talks followed by a discussion. My objective is to convey some knowledge about a particular issue in an accessible and understandable way, but also to stimulate the active participation of participants, in order to promote critical thinking and raise awareness on the different aspects related to it. My ultimate aim is that participants leave the room having realized something that they were not aware of before coming

Some of the libraries where I am doing this activity since 1999 are: Can Rosés, Mª Antonieta Coll and Can Mariner in Barcelona, or the public libraries in Polinyà, St. Pere de Ribes, Caldes d'Estrac, Pineda de Mar, Navàs, La Roca del Vallès and Malgrat de Mar.

Sometimes these talks have led to collaborations with local or national radio stations, such as Ràdio Municipal Sant Pere de Ribes (BCN) or Radio Fiesta FM Madrid (online).

My talks, followed by a discussion, last 90 minutes and can be about any of the following topics:

Children’s difficulties:

¿What are the problems that children have to face as they grow up? How can parents and adults deal with them?


A hard time for everybody: What’s wrong with adolescence that troubles everybody around? What can we do about it?

Anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders:

What kind of disorders are they? Who is affected by them? In what way? How can they be treated?.

Bisexuality, transsexuality and other sexualities:

What are the multiple possibilities of sexual relationships? When do we consider them “normal” and when not?


What happens with the elderly?: What are the psychological and social implications of aging? What are the positive aspects? And the negative ones?

Addictions and dependencies: drugs, gambling, etc.:

Why do we get hooked on things or people? What are dependence disorders? How can they be treated?

Aggressiveness and violence:

What are the different ways to express aggressiveness? What are the underlying reasons to it?


The essence of current times: Why are we always in a rush? What is stress? What causes it? How can we deal with it?


A challenge that affects all of us: What are the situations and experiences of those who leave their homeland behind? And how do people receive them?

The loss and grief experience:

What kind of things do we experience as a loss? What is the normal process of dealing with it? How can this process get complicated?

The psychology of lying:

What is hiding behind a lie? What are the reasons for lying? What kind of people lie?

Women today:

What did we win and what did we lose?


I can add any particular topic on demand –for example, a library asked me to give a talk about women on the occasion of the International Women's Day, and a radio station asked me to prepare a talk about the psychology of lying.

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