Associate Professor at Elisava

In relation with my activity as a qualitative research expert, I’ve been an Associate Professor at Elisava (Barcelona School of Design and Engineering – Pompeu Fabra University) where I gave classes and workshops about Consumer Psychology and Qualitative Research Techniques in two international masters.


I was a teacher in the Master in Research for Design and Innovation (MIDI) during 8 school terms, from 2013-14 until 2020-21. This master’s degree combined two powerful disciplines in the pre-design process: trend research and co-creation techniques. We provided tools related to qualitative research and ethnography, interdisciplinarity and design thinking geared toward innovation processes applicable to different industries and society in general. We understood innovation as a process of continually addressing people’s real and changing needs in order to improve their quality of life through products, services and experiences.


During the academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18 I also taught in the Master's Degree in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship (MADE). This master's degree was carried out in collaboration with the Rotterdam Business School. Its main objective was to provide, always within the world of design management, the knowledge and application of working methodologies for the management of enterprises adapted to new scenarios, both business and social.

Teaching Testimonials


“The classes have been a real inspiration, you can see that, apart from knowing a lot, you love what you do and this is the way you have conveyed it to us. Through these sessions I have realized the real importance of deepening and investing time and resources on understanding the users, apart from the complexity it involves. Thank you.”

Andrea Escribano
Master's Degree in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Co-founder of KMON Coop

Irún - (Spain)

“I learned market research with her for a semester in ELISAVA. Since the first time I met her, I already told myself she was an incredible teacher. She knew how to teach and attract the students by giving some funny examples clearly. Not only a good teacher, but also a good researcher; she understood what we tried to explain from our mind and gave some suggestions to each person so well that made me know she had experience for a long time. Even though she taught us quickly sometimes, we could follow the topics from participation and sharing some ideas with her and our classmates, which is the best part of my experience.”

Amornrit Jermwiwat
Design Engineer & Industrial Designer Master in Research for Design and Innovation Think Twice Inc


“Luisa is a dedicated professor who speaks clearly about what she does, and passes on her knowledge to assist young entrepreneurs to set up their business with the market research strategy. She was kind enough to give extra hours for the tutorship and one on one feedback in class, it truly helped me learn about the importance of the customer's perspective, and delving into their emotions as well.”

Soon Cho
Master's Degree in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Creative Entrepreneur at The Secret Coffee Lab

Corea - Canada

Presented papers and seminars

During my time as a Senior Analyst in Censydiam I wrote and presented the following papers and seminars:


Paper “How to Evaluate the Potential of Children’s TV Contents”

Presented at the AEDEMO 19th Seminar of Television (Salamanca, February 2003) and at the Kid Power Congress (BCN, May 2002)

Paper “Decision and Loyalty Factors in Children’s Nutrition”

Presented at the Kid Food Congress (BCN, October 2001)

Seminar “Kids & Teens Interview Training”

Carried out for Censydiam N.V. (Antwerp -Belgium-, July 2001)

Seminar “Keys to Anticipate the Success of a Children’s Concept”

Carried out for the Corporation of Radio and Television of Catalunya (BCN, July 2001) and for the Kid Power Congress (BCN, May 2001)

Paper “The Keys to the Pokémon Phenomenon Success”

Presented at the Kid Power Congress (BCN, May 2001)

Seminar “The New Parents’ Demands: a Challenge for Children’s Marketing”

At the Kid Power Congress (BCN, March 2000)


As a freelancer,


Seminar “Qualitative Research in Health and Health Resources Evaluation”

Carried out for the Health Department of Catalunya’s Government (Cornellà -BCN- December 2010).