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What do I do and what can I offer?

Fieldwork and analysis of results

I offer fieldwork and analysis of results to innovation agencies, market research companies, marketing consultancies, NGOs and public institutions –I regularly do research for the Generalitat de Catalunya (the Government of Catalonia) and the European Commission. I also have a network of contacts for the recruitment of participants, booking of field locations, hiring of translators and note-takers. Counting on reliable partners allows me to offer a comprehensive service. I can write reports and do the presentations and workshops in Spanish, Catalan or English.

Face-to-face and online international experience

I carry out both traditional (face-to-face) and online fieldwork in Spanish, Catalan and English.


In relation to fieldwork I am extremely respectful of the participants' right to privacy, not allowing the sharing of any data that could allow their identification. I am also very careful with the confidentiality of the information I handle about my clients.

Specialties within qualitative research

Studies with children
Working with children requires the use of particular tools and a particular attitude. Both must be adapted to the cognitive and emotional capacities of the developmental period of the child in question. In this sense, drawing and other techniques of plastic expression are essential to be able to interact with them properly. My training in child psychology, having worked with children at a therapeutic level, and having taught extracurricular activities has given me the right tools and attitude to work with children in a natural way.
Innovation studies
The process that leads to innovation also requires special tools and attitudes. Both have to be very flexible and stimulating. My training in creative methodologies and my knowledge of design thinking allow me to become a facilitator and catalyst in the processes of creation of new products or concepts.

I specialize in the following types of study


The objective is to delve into the needs, barriers, uses, attitudes, etc. regarding a particular product category and brand. At the end, I detect and describe consumer profiles to redefine the target and improve the communication and marketing strategy in general.


I explore the knowledge of a particular brand, its DNA, the imagery its history has created in the mind of consumers, the benefits it provides, its positioning regarding competitors, SWOT analysis, etc. The final objective is to develop the most suitable positioning for the brand, taking into account its competitive context.


Concept, product, brand extension, packaging, communication, licensing test: I study the perception, understanding, appeal, differentiation, etc. of the tested materials in order to determine their fit with and impact on the brand and the target.


I have experience in virtually all sectors

gran consumo


Product categories: food and drinks, body care, house cleaning, cosmetics, furniture and decoration, clothes and complements, sports, toys, books, household appliances and electronic devices, among others.

(Final) clients: Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Unilever, Nestlé, Danone, Mondeléz International, Puleva, Sara Lee, Indofood, TigaPilar, Campina, Heinz, Grefusa, Sunny Delight, La Bella Easo, Florette, United Biscuits, Gallina Blanca, Bicentury, Old El Paso, Protect & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Tena, Corega, Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Estée Lauder, Clarins, Puig, L’Oreal, Ralph Laurent, Oriflame, La Maison de la Literie, Tuinbow, Mango, Levi’s, Clarks, Nike, Reebok, IMC Toys, Editorial Planeta, Bosch, Samsung, HP, McAfee, Sony, Greenforce, Dr. Oetker, Bolton, Alcampo, Carrefour, Trolli, Idilia Foods, Lactalis, FME, Berska, Autan, Garnier, Novamont, LG, Zepp, The Walt Disney Company, Lego, Carolina Herrera, Enna, BIC, Brita



I have worked with GPs, specialists, nurses, chemists, stakeholders, caregivers, patients, veterinarians and animals owners.

The studies have focused on oncology, psychiatry, endocrinology, pulmonology, rheumatology, dermatology, orthodontics, ophthalmology, veterinary. The studies were about conventional medicine mainly, but I have also participated in some studies regarding homeopathy.

Laboratories I have worked for (as final clients): Amgen, Almirall Prodesfarma, Chefaro Española, Omron, Lundbeck, GSK, Sanofi Aventis, Boehringer Ingelheim, UCB Pharma, ViforPharma, Abbot, Novartis, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Shire, Bayer, Merz, Merck, Leo Pharma, Novo Nordisk, Orexigen Therapheutics, Wyeth, Roche, La Roche Posay, Nycomed, Astellas, Nicox Pharma, VisuFarma, Celgene, Eli Lilly, Novozymes, Invisalign, Heel, Virbac,Mylan, Ferrer, Zarbee’s.



Product categories I have researched most: passenger cars, minivans, SUVs, electric cars, tractors and accessories (e.g. car roof boxes).

(Final) clients: Audi, Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, Seat, Hyundai, Mahindra, Opel, DS, Kia, Carglass, Honda, Royal Enfield, John Deere.



Product categories: mobile phones, apps, radio stations, TV channels.

(Final) clients: Vodafone, Movistar, Orange, Amena, Ericsson, Nokia, TV3, Catalunya Ràdio, Wiko, Adamo, Ionos, Google, Tik-Tok, Über Eats, Amazon.



Product categories: leisure, state agents, insurances, banks, recycling, nuclear waste, malls, petrol stations, solar power.

Brands I have worked for: Disneyland Paris, Futbol Club Barcelona, Futbol Club Barcelona Foundation, Alcaidesa, Nuñez y Navarro, Zurich, Axa, Allianz, VISA, Banco Sabadell, Barclays, CaixaBank, PokerStars, Ecoembes, Enresa, L'Illa Shopping Centre, Plaza Imperial Shopping Centre, St. Cugat Centre Comercial, St. Cugat Shopping Centre, St. Cugat Shopping Centre, St. Cugat Shopping Centre. Cugat Centre Comercial, Maremagnum Shopping Centre, Firehouse Subs, British Petroleum, SunPower, Carburos Metálicos, Catalan Tourism Agency, Amadeus, HomeAway,, Airbnb, Ryanair.

alcohol y tabaco

Alcohol and tobacco

Product categories most researched: beer, wine, brandy, rum, cigarettes, cigars, snus.

Brands I have worked for: Heineken, Carlsberg, Miller, Desperados, Coors Brewing Company, Glorioso, OIVE, Osborne, Bacardi, Philip Morris International, RJ Reynolds Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, British & American Tobacco, Swedish Match.



Subjects I have researched most: ecology, new technologies and child protection, social reintegration, drug addiction, AIDS, labour relations, religion, political opinion.

Entities I have worked for: European Commission, Generalitat de Catalunya, University of Hamburg, Ford, Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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Client testimonials

silvia artiñano

“Working with Lluïsa has always been a real pleasure. I do it with my mind at rest, as I know the project is in the right hands due to her years of experience and her capacity of understanding the needs of each project and each client. Lluïsa is a safe bet.”

Silvia Artiñano
Managing Director
Arpo Research
Madrid (Spain)

“Luisa has been a focused, attentive, positive and hands-on researcher to work with. Even when continuous changes in methodology demanded flexibility, her sharp character was refreshing and a pleasure to work with.”

Alice Schimmelpenninck
Research & Strategy Manager
This Memento
Amsterdam (Holand)

“Lluïsa to me is one of the best qualitative researchers I have ever met. She combines psychological deep understanding with business sense. She is a good listener and an entertainer while moderating, without ever losing the focus on the objective of the sessions. Her reporting after thorough analysis is always sharp and adds a meaningful interpretation to what has been said.”

Moniek Tersmette
Business Humanizer & Partner
Amsterdam (Holand)

“I started working with Lluïsa Fernández more than 10 years ago, and during that time I have been able to get to know her very well, both at a professional and a personal level. She truly became a crucial member of our team in the projects we did together. I connected with her from the very first moment. I realized I had found the person that fitted with our company profile and with our level of demand –which is not low. Intelligent, reflexive, rigorous, hard-working, enthusiastic and, over all, a great person, honest and transparent and with a subtle sense of humour. She is a fantastic moderator with a great analytical capacity. I’ve tried to hire her for Synergic on several occasions, but she always politely declined… So I’m happy to count on her as our favourite freelancer.”

Elena Brustenga
Founder and Director
Synergic research & consultancy
Barcelona (Spain)

“Making up a team with a freelance qualitative researcher is not simple. Lluïsa is a fantastic exception. Apart from being a great professional, she is collaborative, flexible and chameleonic. Not only is she a part of the team, but clients feels her as part of their team, too. Those who work with Lluïsa know how important is to feel good. Even though the qualitative work requires time, devotion and a lot of patience, her repairing smile is a balm in the hardest moments. Her great professionalism goes before her. Her devotion makes her a better companion on the way”.

Rosa Dalet
BDI Research
Barcelona (Spain)

“Luisa is one of the best analysts I have the pleasure to work with. The depth of her analysis, her professionalism and sensitivity to get to the real motivations and underlying tensions of people, combined with her great energy, results in an outstanding job and a great working journey”

Gilda Zárate
Business Humanizer & Partner
Rada (Spain)